‘Little Terns and Sea Holly: three summers at Gronant Dunes’

Little Terns and Sea Holly: three summers at Gronant Dunes, just published by Penlan Publishing, price £10.  Gronant Dunes, near Prestatyn, Denbighshire, is interesting not only for the Little Terns, which are rare in Britain, but also for the natterjack toads, sand lizards, and many butterflies and flowers found there.  The book is an illustrated diary of my three summers there spent drawing and studying these beautiful, graceful, aggressive, annoying birds …  It includes over 20 of my watercolours as illustrations.


The book!!

Tern male with sand eel

The males woo by bringing sand eels ….

Sand Lizard female

Some other inhabitants of the dunes


Tern, watching


Oystercatcher, watercolour

An exhibition of the illustrations will be held at the Carriageworks, Love Lane, Denbigh, in August.




Copyright Judith Samuel trading as Penlan Publishing

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